July 8, 2007

Of dogs and cats (mostly about a dog though)

While watching a show on CPTV today, I heard this statement that seems to sum up dogs and cats.

Supposedly from a dog's perspective: "Boy, you give me food and shelter. YOU must be a god."
Supposedly from a cat's perspective: "Boy, you give me food and shelter. I must be a god.


Speaking of dogs, we've been wracking our brains trying to figure out what to do with Zack when we go on our summer vacation. While walking Zack this morning, I saw our neighbor who recommended 2 nearby kennels (one of them charges $25 per day). She said her dog absolutely adores it there.

Now, we've never left Zack in kennels. Last year, we left him with my older sister and our parents. In 2005, again, my older sister and the youngest (who was vacationing here at the time). We got him in October 2004, which means we already went on our summer vacation. Anyway, we're not that inclined to leave Zack in a kennel, but we can't bring him along as he's considered a snub-nosed breed. Airlines will actually refuse to admit him on board because his type of breed might find it difficult to breathe once airborne.

We've always brought him on long drives. He's a wonderful pet traveler who knows how to behave, even in hotels. However, while we haven't decided yet where to go, chances are big that anywhere we go, it'll be too hot for him. Hence, our dilemma.

Thankfully, my older sister volunteered to provide lodging to our little dog. We volunteered to pay $25 per day to her, instead of paying a kennel, to pay for his needs. Told her "as for needs, in case you two head to Petco and he starts pointing at toys and treats." Hehe. Her only concern is that he'll get lonely when she goes to work. Luckily, Zack tends to stay in his crate and nap...as long as the radio is turned on. So if and when he stays with my sister, he'll bring his radio along with his toys, food and treats.

The good thing is, at least Zack won't have trouble adjusting because he knows her. At the same time, the two of them tend to roughhouse a lot. It should be fun. It was fantastic that she volunteered. Just fantastic.