July 10, 2007

The problem with too much work

I have too much work to do in the office. Maybe it gives me some form of comfort when I think that I'm not the only one in the office with too much work to do. Everybody is swamped. People are not really goofing off.

I have to keep telling myself to make peace with my IN tray. It will always contain something for me to work on. The same thing with my e-mail Inbox. I can shake my fists, throw my hands up in the air, scream, gnash my teeth, even pull out my hair in frustration (ouch!) but really, work will still continue to appear magically there. So I really have to make peace with work.

A close family friend (I consider an older brother) said we're all in the rat race. I really hated hearing that because I'm one of the least careerist persons around. Sometimes I think that maybe I should plan my career more thoughtfully, but really, that's not my thing. I work so I can do what I want. So I'll have the money I want. Don't even get started with saying, "you should've married a rich guy instead so you don't have to work". Puh-lease. I did not go to university to hoodwink a rich, old guy.

Of course, when things get really crazy, I do ask myself whatever is all this craziness for. Who knows? I'm saving for my retirement, got some savings stashed away (not a lot, but it's still savings after all). I also know that I like the idea of work. I imagine I'd get antsy if forced to stay at home and do nothing. Of course, even staying at home is really not all about doing nothing. There are neverending chores to be done.

So in conclusion, I suppose work is really something you can't get away from - whether you're in the office or at home. The problem with too much work is, of course, it'll keep coming. There is never an end in sight. You have to deal with it the best and sanest way you can. Or at least, we can all try.