August 7, 2007

All I want to do is plan our summer vacation

I know it sounds incredibly lazy, but it's true. I mean, I've whined and whimpered about the not-so-many vacation days (10). Now that our vacation is coming up, of course all I want to do is make it fun.

We already borrowed guidebooks from the library yesterday. We've been Google Mapping like crazy. We haven't decided on our final itinerary yet. I definitely want to go to Arches National Park. It looks so pretty. Hopefully, I'll be there on the exact day of my birthday. Most guidebooks recommend going to the Fiery Furnace. The name alone sounds...well, fiery. I also want to drop by Four Corners and Monument Valley. I already have an idea how I want my picture will be at the Four Corners. Isn't that sad or what? It'll be a long drive though. I suppose we can just not go...then again, I suppose I SHOULD alternate driving with my husband, instead of being the napping passenger that I usually am.

Don't know yet if we're heading to Capitol Reef and/or Canyonlands. Maybe we should also check out Salt Lake City and/or Park City. What's more, we haven't even booked lodging and car rental yet! How bad are we? (Um, very!)

It's a six-day vacation, but just four days really because the other two days will be spent mostly flying and being in/out of airports.

By the way, my husband gave me a new toy for my birthday/our wedding anniversary - a new camera! It's a Fujifilm Finepix S6000fd. I'm still trying to figure out how to use it. The first time I tried to use it last Friday, my dear hubby ended up accidentally deleting most of the pictures I took. Clearly, we really need to figure it out before going on vacation. He wanted to give me a Canon Rebel XTi, but I don't think I'm ready for such a commitment.

I miss point-and-shoot, but I reckon it's never a bad thing to get out of my comfort level.


Perfectwound said...

My girlfriend was in awe when she saw the camera your husband gave you. Hope you can post up the pictures taken with that camera, and let us see how good it is. :P

I'll be going to Taiwan for a week this Sat. Will try to post up the pics also when I come back. :)

Cez said...

Sure, I'll post pictures. Have fun in Taiwan! Looking forward to seeing your pictures too!