August 9, 2007

Our itinerary has been decided!

Yes, thanks to Google Maps. Here's our itinerary for our upcoming trip.

Hubby left it up to me to decide whether to go to Capitol Reef or to Canyonlands. Seeing as I don't have such a burning desire to see those two parks really, I just scrapped them completely. As it is, we'll be traveling on the road for 884 miles!

Still, I hope we'll be able to relax and have fun. A part of me is tempted to see everything all at once, but that's not relaxing at all.

We still need to book our lodging. I hope we'll find reasonably-priced places. I can't believe we still haven't booked anything. Last year's trip was booked before August rolled around.


Paige said...

Utah. For vacation in June we traveled from southern Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, California and back. We did not go to northern Utah-what a beautiful state. If you get down in the mid southern part. I loved Mnt Zion. Bryce and Red Canyons were ok but I really loved Zion. one way in and one way out with not much between, but truly awesome. I also really enjoyed Yosemite. All together we drove about 6 thousand miles and man are my arms still tired. Have fun and be safe.

Cez said...

We went to Zion, Bryce & Grand Canyon last year. We went to Yosemite in 2004. Gorgeous places. 6,000 miles? Wow! Thanks for dropping by. :)