August 14, 2007

Out of nowhere, a little kindness touches you

I needed help with my work today - some business insurance-related matter that I had to check with the insurance agent. Turns out he's on vacation so I couldn't reach him. I called his assistant who, thankfully, tracked him down. The agent e-mailed me the info I needed. I sent a thank you note to him and his assistant. Here's the reply I got from the assistant:
Hi C,
You are so kind, you never forget to say thank you. You must have a special place in God's Heart. You are wonderful.
Thank you again,

My reply:
Well, it’s easy to overlook the kindness of other people in the course of doing our work. I try to keep in mind that without other people, I can’t really do my job 100%. You’re part of the equation. Why not let you know? Have a good day ahead. I know that the rest of my day will be good because of your kind words. : )

I've never met her. I've only spoken to her over the phone. Yet every time I needed help, she'd help me out. The least I could really do was say thanks. And how hard is it really to say thank you?

I just received her reply:
Because of you the rest of my day will be too.

Need I say that her e-mail made my day?