August 30, 2007

Sunrise at Arches on my birthday

20 August 2007. We woke up early to watch the sunrise at Arches National Park. We drove up to The Windows section and waited for the sunrise at the North Window.

Such silence. Such stillness.

Broken, of course, by my uncontrollable coughing. I ended up with such a tickle in my throat - it was so itchy! What's more, I left my cough drops in the car. My husband volunteered to get it, but I figured by the time he got back to where we were seated, he would've missed the sunrise.

So I welcomed the day - my birthday - coughing and barking. I must've ruined the moment for the others who were there to watch the sunrise. Oh well.

We also checked out the South Window and Turret Arch.

The North and South Windows

Turret Arch

Even saw a cottontail rabbit. Afterwards, we hiked the Double Arch Trail and landed at the Double Arch, where a scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was supposedly shot. Wish I knew which scene. Very sandy trail, really. Never realized it could be tough walking in sand (I was never a beach person).

Double Arch

Then we moved to hike the Devil's Garden Trail to see Landscape Arch. The name of the trail seemed to live up to it. We didn't forge on because even if it wasn't even noon, it was so hot! Tsk tsk. Nevertheless, seeing the Landscape Arch was well worth it.

Devil's Garden Trail

Landscape Arch

We had brunch at The Jailhouse Cafe in Moab, UT. He had the eggs benedict while I ate chorizo scramble. We quickly dropped by Canyonlands National Park - the biggest national park in Utah where we spent the least amount of time due to our 4pm Fiery Furnace hike. A quick trip in this case means a drive of almost an hour to get to the park, another hour to get out of it plus I think another hour for the scenic drive. We didn't get to hike. We went back to the hotel to rest a bit before the Fiery Furnace hike.

View from Canyonlands National Park