September 24, 2007

Back again

Fall is here. Again. I like fall. It's pretty. Sadly, my allergies act up big-time at this time of the year. Not fun at all. I went to my allergist last week because all my allergy symptoms were popping up already. Ick. I'm back on my good ol' allergy medicines.

I know I haven't written in ages. Been busy at work and tired when I get home. Too tired to even blog something. Tonight I happen to be online. I was looking up travel/health insurance for our upcoming vacation in November.

Still haven't figured out where our dog will stay while we're away. We thought my parents would be back by this time, but no. We checked out some boarding places in our town. Possible, but we're hoping someone will let our little dog stay with them. He's a sweetheart. My husband and I both do not want to leave him behind. I even called the airline last night. Unfortunately, he can't go with us. He's 16lbs. They allow a total of 18lbs, I think, including the crate. So he'll need to lose about 3lbs, just so he can fly with us. OF COURSE we don't want to go that route. *sighs*

We're thinking of slowly introducing him to the "boarding" world. That way, he won't get weirded out when we leave him there for our vacation. I hope he'll like it.