September 2, 2007

Capitol Reef and Salt Lake City

22 August 2007
Capitol Reef National Park

This side trip was really spur-of-the-moment. Salt Lake City was already our destination. But I set the GPS to lead us to Capitol Reef. We passed through the park. We were on I-70, then took Utah State Highway 24 west. We stopped along the way at scenic spots, checked out some petroglyphs, and finally reached the Visitors Center. We couldn't stay any longer as Salt Lake City was a long way off. We did stop for dinner at Cafe Diablo in Torrey, UT. A great food find.

23 August 2007
Salt Lake City

Home of the Mormons, Salt Lake City intrigued me. Salt Lake City is to Mormons in the same way the Vatican is to Catholics. During our trip, I kept reading up on their religion. I wanted to know what made their religion different from mine. In the hotels we stayed at, there was usually the Bible and the Book of Mormons. I became familiar with Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, angel Moroni, even the seagulls story. We also went on the free guided tour in the Temple Square. One of the two guides is a Filipina, Sister Escandor. What a small world.

I admit, I was impressed by what they did with Salt Lake City. One word kept coming to mind: military precision. Everything they did in establishing Salt Lake City as theirs was done with military precision. Everything was organized. The religion and its practices are so organized, no wonder non-Mormons found it threatening (based on what I read of what led to the migration to SLC). You have to give them credit, really. They made something out of land that seems empty, barren and desolate.

After touring the Historic Temple Square, we went to Park City. I wanted to see the Utah Olympic Park, but it was closed when we got there. We didn't really plan to go there, just hoping to drop by. Maybe next time.