September 26, 2007

Not the worst day after all

I had a bad day at work last Monday, and a worse day yesterday. I was afraid today would be the worst day, but thankfully no. It's almost time for me to go home, so I suppose it's safe to say today did not turn out to be Worst Wednesday or something. I thought of skipping work today because of what happened yesterday. But I realized I'm not that sort of person - one who skips work the day after an incident. So I went to work. Even if I didn't want to. I worked on some matters (but not all). I ignored the other person the whole day. Whatever.

I haven't figured out how I'll talk to the boss about my current workload. He keeps acknowledging I'm swamped, tries to get other people to help me, but honestly, I think it's just a band-aid solution. It doesn't really address the problem - I need another person to help me with my work. I'm drowning with work. I can try to be Supergirl, but really, what's the point of that? So I'll end up with even more work? No way, man.