September 5, 2007

On "Why the lunch break is going extinct"

Could it be true? I came across this article after going on a Cold Stone ice cream break with two officemates.

I value my lunch hour. Some officemates skip their lunch break, while others eat at their desks. I've tried both, but it's not something I want to do everyday.

I don't understand why companies actually have to impose this as a company rule. I don't even understand why common sense is not kicking in as to oppose this. I mean, you don't necessarily have to eat while it's your lunch hour. I know some people who use their lunch break to take a short walk, a power nap, even a quick trip to the mall.

For the longest time, lunch hour was a given. You join a company. You assume you're given time to have that midday break. If you choose to eat at your desk, skip your lunch break or take a half-hour lunch, it's your prerogative.

Or is it?

Not when companies are slowly eliminating the lunch break.

What is happening to this country? Are we such workaholics that even lunch is a right we're all too willing to give up without a fight? I imagine the day will come when companies will offer lunch hour as a perk to new employees. Tsk tsk.

Somebody should start a "Save your Lunch Hour" crusade before this development (if you can call it that) gains momentum.


Lynn said...

You should start the crusade! Go on! Do it!!

Perfectwound said...

I'm totally against this idea. Though I do use my lunch hours to do my work often, it's inhuman for companies to implementing it as a must for every staff.