September 28, 2007

How do you know the true measure of things?

How do you know the true measure of things? How do you know when enough is enough? How do you know when you need to do more/less?

For the longest time, I was stuck in a dead-end job where promotions were sought-after but were hard to come by. The benefits made me stay for years. Eventually, I left because of the horrible work environment. The benefits were no longer good reasons to stay. Imagine being told that working there was the best job I can ever hope to get! No amount of money would've made me stay...even if pay raises happened automatically without considering actual employee performance. I had a job - a job that paid for the bills yet I wanted a career. Even the "glamour" of working in "that place" wore off.

I wanted a better job - better yet, a career - in a small growing company that would use my skills. I wanted responsibilities. I wanted to be treated as if what I know and learned from school and previous jobs were actually worth something. I wanted to be treated as if I'm valuable. I wanted to prove her wrong, the one who thought I couldn't get a better job elsewhere.

I got what I wanted. I managed to create a career for myself. I'm in a rapidly growing company that uses my skills. They know that I can do a lot of things, so a lot of things do fall on my lap.

However, I feel like I'm spreading myself too thin now. I want to do my job well. I But I realize that I can't do everything, can't keep up my level of productivity and not expect it to not have any tolls on my health.

So now I go back to my question - how do I know when enough is enough?