September 9, 2007

The price to pay for the good life

This post was brought on by a friend's situation. What's she's undergoing through right now is tough. I won't go into the details of it, as it's not my story to share. It really made me think though.

In my country alone, too many families have been forced to be apart. Money is usually the main reason. I wish I can excuse our country, but I can't. Instead of the country providing jobs and opportunities to its citizens, its citizens are forced to seek their fortunes elsewhere, preferably where the mighty dollar resides. Once its citizens are firmly and safely ensconced elsewhere, our government makes it seem as if we're heroes. Bring on the remittances. Buy properties back in our country. Better yet, why not create businesses for your fellowmen? Instead of them (the government) doing it, why not send our troops, our people out there? We can just call them heroes or what-have-yous. Act really thankful for their contributions to Philippine economy, that ought to make them feel good.

Do they even think of what the overseas workers undergo once they're out on the "field"? It's not easy. Yet people still venture out there, leaving behind their loved ones in pursuit of the good life. Thinking their options back home are so limited anyway.

After graduating from high school, it's assumed that you're heading on to some college/university. Yet choosing what course to take is usually limited to what is currently needed in the US. It's tricky, really. How sure are you that by the time you're done with school, those courses are still needed? Yes, most people in my country do not have the luxury of taking whatever course they want to take. Most abide by the law of supply and demand. Only to find after graduating that jobs are limited. What next? You try to find for jobs out there. It doesn't matter what job, as long as it offers a good salary that you wouldn't get had you stayed back home.

In the process, some of them become nannies to children of other people, while their own children are left to their own devices or with well-meaning relatives. Couples are separated by distance, which eventually takes its toll on the relationship. There are more consequences, which I'm sure most of you are familiar with.

The good life? Such a high price to pay really.