September 10, 2007

The train ride

I took the train to work today. I realized something...I really DO NOT miss my train-riding days. I watched people deep in slumber. I, too, used to do that. I even had a little pillow that I used when I napped. What's more, there are more people taking the train now than in 2005.

There was a poster in the train for that stated: "You’ll wish you had a LONGER commute."

Yeah, sure. Riiight.

I can only shake my head. Spending so much time commuting to and fro work is not how it should be. Time inside the train is better spent elsewhere. Seriously.

You sacrifice sleep. You sacrifice comfort. You pay for the expensive train tickets (although I suppose given the distance it covers, the price is reasonable. I used to pay $300+ for my monthly train ticket – ick!).

What I really wish is to work where I live and live where I work. That would be fantastic. Now if only I know where that is and how to get moving.