October 18, 2007

Finally, a blog change!

I kept checking out my blog today. Like a child who opened a much-desired gift on Christmas morning. I've been wanting to change it in a long time. And it's here!

Thanks to PsycHo, I came up with this much improved layout. My husband helped me tweak the codes. My sister Lynn pitched in with her web "skillz" (haha...just had to use that term), polished up the codes and did the background. She'll also create a banner. Thank goodness for her PhotoShop "skillz"!

I added the Flickr badge on the left column with pictures I've taken lately. I used my Fujifilm Finepix s6000fd. Hope you'll drop by for a visit. I was experimenting with the macro feature of my camera when I took the flower pictures. The flowers were really small. The level of detail my camera captured surprised even me.

Let me know what you think of the pictures and my blog's new look. I'd love to read your comments. :)


Lani said...

nice new layout!

Cez said...


Lene said...

It's nice to have a new look noh? It's refreshing and I like the combination of colors, just like before. Will look forward to seeing your new banner!

Congrats! =)

Cez said...

Yeah, I wanted to keep the colors in line with caramel. :) Can't wait to see the banner my sister will come up with too!