October 7, 2007

A food-filled Saturday

Yesterday was spent in New York City. We woke up early to eat dim sum at Jing Fong in Chinatown. Since it was just my husband and I, we didn't wait too long to be seated. Carts roamed around the banquet hall. We shared a table with other diners, which was fine as long as we got our dim sum fix. What came next?

A sinful dim sum-eating session! We really had to tell ourselves to stop getting food from the carts. It was sooo worth the trip! We didn't order other dishes because we can always get those elsewhere, but dim sum? We drove all the way from CT for it. Afterwards, we left our car in the parking lot in Chinatown and took the subway heading to 83rd Street for a street fair. As can be expected, we didn't get to try street fair food because we were still too full from feasting at Jing Fong.

After the street fair, we walked around Central Park then went to the Apple Store and Crate & Barrel. Even ate ice cream courtesy of Mister Softee. Walked around some more and ended up back in Chinatown. We stopped by Mei Lai Wah to buy siopao (pork buns), both steamed and baked. Then for dinner, we were supposed to check out Mandarin Court (crowded!) so we headed to Hop Kee where we ordered crabs Cantonese style, salted pork chop with hot peppers and sauteed watercress. Still full from the earlier dim sum adventure, we didn't finish all of the food and ended up bringing them home.

I had a great time. My husband and I used to gallivant in the city after work before. I've forgotten how fun it can be. Expensive though, but fun. Maybe it's something we can do once every quarter or something.