October 20, 2007

He's happy and gay!

Oh my goodness! I knew it! Dumbledore's gay!!! My sister Lani e-mailed me this article.

I always suspected that there was more to the Albus-Gellert relationship. And they were 17! You know, teen years, the time to experiment and all that. Sad though, to imagine that his true love Gellert betrayed him.

Although I daresay, like my other sister Lynn, I also thought of the possibility of some action between him and Minnie McGonagall.


Perfectwound said...

Yeah and I've just found out this eerie information from the papers half an hour ago. I don't know about you, but I think it's kind of sick.

Cez said...

I think it's pretty cool. Especially since Dumbledore's considered the best wizard of all time in Harry Potter's universe. Since the revelation of his sexual orientation, rereading HP books is all the more interesting.