October 11, 2007

Food from home I miss

My friend Pie blogged about the food she misses from the Philippines and reading her post made me hungry. Of course, it made me think of the food I miss too. Here's what I came up with (not ranked in order of preference):

my mom's adobo
Max's Restaurant's fried chicken
Gerry's Grill green mango salad
Goodah's tosilog and tapsilog
Pancake House breakfast
Red Ribbon's chocolate mousse and arroz caldo
liempo from Bocaue, Bulacan
KFC's gravy (yeah, I know, it's not technically food)
seafood, especially talangka
pancit malabon
chicken mami
fresh pan de sal and tasty bread
inihaw na baboy from Boracay (SM Food Court - I wonder if it's still there?)
crispy kangkong