October 8, 2007

Let there be freedom of speech

I came across this post and initially felt, "well, here's another fella practicing his freedom of speech. Good for him."

I didn't even think of leaving a comment in his blog, or even blogging about it here. It would be easier to simply scoff at his ideas and say, "geez!" Which of course, doesn't express the extent and breadth of how I feel about them. But I am, once roused, not lacking in passion. So you'll notice that I left quite a long comment in his blog. It could've been longer, but well, it's his blog, after all. He can say what he wants.

As one who has a liberal arts background, I admire his ability to stir up such strong emotions. It's what mass communicators aspire for - to write in a way that people will react to what you've written. It doesn't matter if it's positive or negative. Of course, I'm not sure if my liberal arts education will pass his definition of a "wide-based, comparative, reason-based liberal arts education".

I have to thank him though, for I don't think I've ever reacted so strongly to a blog post in a long time. Commendable. Keep up the good work. At least it'll keep us entertained.

By the way, isn't this interesting? Somebody claimed I used the F word in my comment in that blog. Me, who doesn't even use that word when writing (seeing as I don't really see the point of using it - better words can be used to prove a point)? That's why I put it in quotes (which looks like " ") because I was quoting another's statement. And the person didn't like my tone!

As this post's title goes, let there be freedom of speech.

I rest my case.