October 3, 2007

Old faces, old places

The past might've been awful, but it's over. I still did not want to see my old office because she's there. Maybe sometime in the future, I'll drop by the office, but not yet. Not yet. I want to see some of them, but not all of them. Definitely not her.

I was told that I looked great. True or not, it was great to hear.

Once again, someone asked me, "are you coming back?" I answered with "no". Hell no. One has to keep moving forward. Go back only to help you remember the lessons, but not to walk the same path. Oh no.

Anyway, I felt better seeing them after all these months. I'm glad I did. Made me realize that I'm in a better place. Sure, where I'm now can still benefit from improvements, but overall, a better place than before.
Wednesday, October 03, 2007Cecilia1 comment


Lani said...

"there's no use in backtracking around corners I have turned."---The Song Remembers When