October 1, 2007

The plan that didn't work out

I'm not supposed to be at home tonight, right? I'm supposed to be in NYC, having a good laugh before Terry Pratchett signs copies of his latest book. After that, I was meeting up with some friends for dinner. Not my typical Monday evening really. I rarely meet up with friends on a weekday, especially a Monday.

So why am I at home?

One guess. Work. I tried to leave early, but of course, urgent stuff had to be done. Darn them urgent stuff. Me being me, I kept reminding them that I had to leave early. Tempted for a bit to leave everything unfinished. To simply go and get the heck out of the office. Ended up missing all the trains that I planned to take (starting with the 3:38pm, the 4:13pm, the 4:38pm and finally, the 5:10pm). My husband volunteered to drive me to the city, but by the time we get there, the book signing will be waaay over. So here I am, at home. Maybe I'll watch HEROES later.

My consolation? At least I've seen him before. At the same time, since I've seen him before, I know I'm going to miss a fun evening. Maybe I'll buy myself the book tomorrow. I'll just wait for my sister's blog post about it.