October 24, 2007

Rainy days

It was fun reading Paige's and TJ's replies to my tag. Thanks, guys! I know it took some time to answer, but we all need a break from our busy-ness every now and then. :) I hope it took your mind off things or something.

So what happened today? We woke up earlier than usual, so we got to work earlier than usual. I was busily doing the stuff that needed to be done, humming along as I did my work. By the end of the day, my eyes were so red that an officemate had to tell me to stop and take a break. So I did.

What made today fun was...it rained.

I love rainy days. I like the scent of the air before and after it rains. I like dressing up for a rainy day, using my umbrella and walking in the rain. I like driving in the rain. I like watching rain fall down. I like watching rain splash against the car window while I'm inside the car.

Rainy days remind me of younger days. Days when I'd wake up early only to be told by my mom that due to the typhoon, classes are suspended. (I know, it's a typhoon but come on, I was a kid - no classes were always a great thing.) Going to school wearing jackets, sweaters and cardigans because it was raining heavily. (Yeah, growing up in a tropical country, we students of that all-girls private Catholic school tried to find reasons to wear jackets, sweaters and cardigans. Rainy days definitely count.)

Rain transformed many walks into romantic moments. Sharing a too-small umbrella. Laughing at how impossible it is to stay dry. Deciding to just go with it. Running in the rain. Finding a place to stay dry when it was already a lost cause. Even little acts like him coming out of the car with an umbrella to escort me to the passenger seat makes rainy days worthwhile. How people fail to see the romance in it, I really wonder.

What else do I remember? Sleeping in late. Staying indoors. Reading a good book. Fun times, fun times.

So maybe that's why I really want to see Seattle. I want to see if it's really true that it rains there a lot.