November 18, 2007

About Inquirer headlines

I woke up early today (too early for a weekend, but oh well) and ended up on the Philippine Daily Inquirer website. Had the chance to check out all the headlines, but there were some in particular that caught my attention, at least enough attention to blog about them here:

For Filipino drivers, traffic lights are mere suggestions
Ah yes, this was a good one. I laughed out loud when I saw the article title because it's true, no one really paid attention to the traffic lights. I tried to abide by traffic rules, but run-ins with law enforcers made abiding by them just crazy. I remember always reminding myself "do not drive around when it's close to any mealtimes. You will get stopped for some silly reason". I was heading to the mall one time. The traffic light was green, I was in the right lane. I wasn't driving crazily, yet a cop stopped me. Said the light was yellow. Good thing I had my friends with me in the car, who verified that the light was still green and only turned yellow then red after the cop stopped me. Then I was told, "mapag-uusapan naman iyan eh. Meron ka ba diyang pang-tanghalian?" The cop even had the utter nerve to say, "pupunta ka naman ng SM so may pera ka". I was going to argue my way out of it, but my friends whispered to me, "bigyan mo na lang para matigil". Which I did, to my extreme annoyance. Good thing I stashed my money elsewhere at the time, so when I opened my wallet, he saw only P50. "Pwede na iyan". Then he left.

Urgent measures to save RP’s marine resources urgency that shouldn't have been. I worked in a government agency dealing with marine resources before I left for the US. Naturally, my work had to do with public information. But eventually, the director deemed my work dispensable. During the program's streamlining process, he thought of keeping only a skeletal force. That, of course, did not include me. My contract wasn't renewed. That was in the late 1990s. It's now 2007. Of course, NOW it's urgent.

Pampanga’s vanishing ‘talangka’
Poor talangka! I still have yummy memories of this tiny crustacean. Haven't eaten it in ages, even way before I left the Philippines. No wonder, they were already losing their homes. : ( Who can forget eating talangka with rice using your bare hands, with vinegar, fish sauce and calamansi? Even learning the little trick of rubbing calamansi juice on your hands to remove the talangka scent? Now I'm making myself hungry.

No plastic bags, please, in Sta. Barbara, Iloilo
Keep up the good work, Sta. Barbara!

Barangay bets say no to vote buying it should be? Imagine if one of the barangay bets actually said yes! That ought to be a hoot and a holler.

Heavenly fill of Negros ‘piaya’
Oh man, piaya! I haven't eaten or seen piaya in ages! My friend Jess from way back university days introduced me to this delicious delicacy. I wonder where I can buy it here in the US?

There's another matter that I plan to blog about, which was forwarded to me. It's too horrible to just write a paragraph about, so that's for later.