November 2, 2007

Interesting horoscope

I checked today's horoscope and here's what I found:
There is a growing tension between what your heart wants and what your head knows is good for you, and it might just come to a head today. If you encounter someone who makes your heart skip a beat, you could easily lose track of what you need to take care of. Be careful! Try not to let a smile blind you from the indisputable facts about where you are in life -- and where they are in life. Wanting something does not make it a good thing for you.

Except for the "if you encounter someone who makes your heart skip a bit" part, it seemed relevant.

I agree with my pal over at inner piece of mind, and I quote, "I think we all end up in the same place and situations as where we are now mostly by choice, even though(t) how hard we try to deny it."

It reminded me of certain people with certain personalities that really aggravate me. For years now, I keep encountering the same behavior, just manifested in different people. It took me a long time to learn how to deal with them. Only recently did I finally fine-tune how I'd deal with them. I also knew that was the reason I kept coming across such type of people.

Hmmm...I don't think I've denied to myself the reasons for some of my choices. I try to be pragmatic, for the most part. But there are instances when I think I really should go after my dreams, whatever they are, wherever they may lead me.