November 4, 2007

Off to Prague tomorrow

Let me begin first with a Zack update. He's still in the hospital. They were closed today so we couldn't visit him. Unbelievable how badly I wanted to drop by, even if it meant simply passing by the vet's place. (We didn't.) Mind you, I never liked dogs even if we had them when we were growing up. There was only one dog I liked - our little black dog Sexy, who we had when I was yea high. And then Zack came along. Anyway, we're going to see him tomorrow before heading to the airport. I hope, I hope, I hope that he ate well today and that he's feeling much improved. *crosses my fingers*

My husband and I thought of delaying or canceling our trip. However, my sister Lani pointed out that Zack's in the hospital already. The vet's already giving him medicines to make him feel better. She also said that it was actually a good thing that he got sick before our trip. There was time for us to bring him to his doctor.

I was, of course, a mess yesterday. I kept thinking and thinking about what we fed him. Blamed myself essentially. My other sister Lynn reminded me that when we get sick, it's not our Mom's fault. So it's the same way here. Zack got sick because...well, he did. No one's to blame.

Now about Prague. We will be flying off to Prague tomorrow afternoon, returning on the 12th. We only packed our stuff today, what with all the craziness lately. I hope we packed well. I checked the Prague weather forecast from MSN Weather. Mostly cloudy skies - sometimes with showers or drizzle, sprinkles, flurries and rain. Sounds terrible, but I live in hope. Good weather will prevail. If not, then what can we do, right? When you're given lemons, make lemonade. Or maybe lemon pie. Even lemon squares. You know what I mean. Deal with the hand that you're dealt.

Anyway, if I can go online, I'll try to blog while traveling. If not, then I'll save the stories when we get back. Please include a little dog in your prayers.

In the meantime, dobrý den (good day). Praha, uvidímese brzy (see you soon).


Perfectwound said...

Do let us know how's the trip is yah??

And don't worry I'll pray for your little cute, adorable and brave doggy. :)

Lene said...

Wow, another trip, another adventure. Have a great and safe trip! Update us with pictures. :)

Btw, hope Zack get well soon!

Cez said...

Thanks, you two!