November 15, 2007

That lousy feeling persists

I went to the doctor yesterday who thinks I have pharyngitis, although she also noticed that I have cold symptoms. I've been taking Mucinex D since arriving from Prague, which, as it turns out, was correct according to my doctor. She also prescribed a nasal spray and another medicine. So I've been at home since Tuesday without any plans to go back to work this week. I'm proud to say that without a semblance of guilt.

I've been busy drinking juices, green tea, ginger tea, hot water with lemon & honey; using my Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler; and napping while propped up by mountains of pillows. If our office will need a doctor's note, I can always ask my doctor for one anyway.

Of course, I can go to work, spread my germs around and infect others.

But no. I work too much and too hard for them when I'm feeling well. Why should I do the same when I'm sick? Three officemates called yesterday, asking me about work. The other day, two of them. It never changes, does it? One of them had the audacity to say out loud, "oh, you're actually sick!" Uh-huh! I did find out that my boss, who heard my pathetic voicemail, does not expect me to return to work until I'm good and recovered. What a considerate person.

Still haven't organized my thoughts well enough to write about Prague.
Thursday, November 15, 2007Cecilia1 comment


Lene said...

I can wait about 'Prague'. Just get well soon! =p