November 16, 2007

Try the no-complaints way!

This is waaay old news, but I came across this article from the Today show archive. It made me think really, can I stop complaining for 21 days? Or even 10, 5 or 2 days? It'll be quite a challenge, really. I admit not complaining is easier said than done. But that will make it interesting, right?

Plus, I can already think of ways to subvert the complaining rule. By saying things like, "hey, I was just stating a fact, not a complaint." He he. I suppose this falls under "looking at things in a positive way". It's good practice before the new year. I remember reading before that if you keep saying thanks for all the good things that come your way, then more good things will come your way. So in this case, perhaps the less complaints you utter, perhaps there will be less reasons to complain? Hmmm...if that's the case, it's worth a try then. Maybe I'll take it a day at a time before committing to the 21 days. I'm a commitment-phobe that way.

Are you ready to take on the challenge?


Perfectwound said...

Wow this is a really interesting challenge to take, especially from a country who promotes freedom of speech~! Haha...

I can already find it hard for me, though I'm one of the least complaining guys from my company. And not even a rude remark from a minor setback?? I think it will take me years to fulfill that pledge~!!

Do let me know if you can finish it alright?? :)