November 3, 2007

The whining ceases today

Our little three-year old shih tzu Zack is in the hospital. The doctor thinks it's hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. Check here for more information.

He threw up thrice last Thursday. His tummy gurgled noisily, so we gave him half a tablet of Pepcid. We fed him his usual steamed vegetables, beef cooked in beef broth with pasta. He stayed at home yesterday. We figure he needed some rest. When we got home, his wee-wee pad had vomit. What's more, he seemed to have diarrhea. We didn't feed him last night. The rest of the night was uneventful. He was hungry and he also wanted to play, but we thought better.

I'm at my wits' end. I've been crying and crying because...well, because he can't really tell us how he's feeling.

Today we brought him to the vet. He's on IV fluids, pepcid, reglan and sinulox. He didn't even flinch when they took his temperature and ran some tests. I took a picture of him. My brave little boy.

Saturday, November 03, 2007Cecilia1 comment


Lani said...

Such a trouper! Still smiling and all. I'm sure he'll be alright. He's made of stronger stuff,has a fine constitution.*sends healing thoughts and vibes to the brave little doggie* Love ya Zackie!