December 29, 2007

All about dogs

My FIL's surgery was done today, which I'll blog about sometime. There's a lot to be said about it, but mostly, thank you, Lord, for the successful surgery.

In the meantime, when did I become a dog person? Crash, the resident ol' pit bull, follows me around. So does Milo, a shih tzu owned by my husband's niece. I'm not a big fan of big dogs. They tend to scare me. But Crash is such a gentle giant, we ended up buying him a new bed and some treats. Believe it or not, he can actually cover himself with a blanket. Milo, on the other hand, bosses Crash around (not that Crash notices). He's supposedly he doesn't come to you when summoned. My husband and I spent 15 minutes teaching him how to come when called. He did it. Since then, every time he drops by, he follows us around.

Seeing Crash and Milo makes me miss Zack all the more. I wish he'll get to meet Crash and Milo soon. I imagine it'll be quite a ruckus.