December 3, 2007

HEROES second season finale

The HEROES Second Season finale turned out to be a better cookie to munch on than the first season's finale (which I blogged about here before). A yummy season finale. Here's what I think:

So THOSE two were the heroes to die in the finale. While watching, I kept thinking it could be anybody, really.

Too bad Alejandro was killed off in the second to the last season's episode. He's cute. Maya tends to annoy me. She's always crying.

Goodness, check out how much Milo Ventimiglia has changed since his Gilmore Girls days where he played Jesse.

As Jesse

As Peter

Poor Elle! I do like Kristen Bell. I used to watch Veronica Mars. I was even sad to learn that Veronica Mars was no more, but her HEROES gig seemed like a good career move for her. She can act all crazy manic, yet she can also make you feel sorry for her. More on Elle please! She and her dad are the complete opposites of Claire and Papa Bennet.

Sylar? Still being a bad, bad boy. He should really partner up with somebody really nice. Say, Claire. She's too Ms. Goody Two Shoes for comfort. Just a parent-defying teen. Wouldn't it be fun to see her partner up with Sylar? That ought to make Papa Bennet come out of hiding.

I still like Mohinder's accent. Even if he shot Papa Bennet in the eye. Bad Mohinder!

Not much on Molly this season finale. Not much on the Hiro/Ando pairing either.

Hope to see more cat fights between Claire and Elle next season. Go, blondes, go!

Last season, I felt the season finale was a letdown. This season, I felt most of the episodes were dull at best. But the three episodes before tonight's season finale, PLUS the finale made up for it. Somehow.


Perfectwound said...

Season Finale??? I thought the season was suppose to end after 20 something episodes...hmmmm...right now they are only running 11 episodes so far for season two. Or maybe it's the winter break, I don't know how the tv shows are plan over there in US. :)

Actually I almost agreed with all the points you've made about Heroes, especially Maya, She's really annoying.

Another thing, what's with Milo's lower lips?? Seems like this season it's not as obvious as the previous one, but we all can see there's something wrong with it. :P

Cez said...

Yeah, it was the season finale. Maybe they stagger the episodes over there?

Milo's lips reminds me of Sylvester Stallone's, which is probably why Milo was in the latest Rocky movie. It's cool, I think. Showbiz has far too many pretty guys running around. At least it distinguishes Milo, in a way.

Lynn said...

perfectwound: They're ending it at 11 episodes because of the writers' strike.