December 16, 2007

If gifts can talk

I imagine they'd say something like this...

You probably have everything you need already. But since I caught the fancy of your loved one, I'm here. So tell me, how was I packaged? Did the person who gave me to you packaged me in a special way? Or was I just left on top of the kitchen counter for you to find? Was I on your wish list? Did I come with a gift receipt so you can return and/or have me exchanged? Are you going to keep me? Or are you planning to put me away? Will I be sleeping in the shelves of your storage room? Do you think I'm a gift that keeps on giving? Will I make a difference in your life?

In case I'm not exactly what you wanted, maybe you can just re-gift me. I don't mind. Eventually, I'll find someone who wants me.

I'm not sorry to be here for you. I hope you're not sorry that you got me.