December 17, 2007

Life in slow motion?

Two officemates who learned of our accident last Saturday asked me if I saw it happen in slow motion. An unusual question that I never expected. I saw it happen as it did. No unusual speeding up or slowing down. I remember bracing myself for impact while covering Zack too.

Now I'm wondering if there are people who do experience these things in slow motion or speeded up.


Perfectwound said...

Most probably some people sees it in slow motion are because their senses are sharpen due to the extreme danger they are in.

Either that, or your colleague watch too much Matrix. :)

Lynn said...

Hmm, I never saw those things in slow motion either--and you KNOW I have had my share of mishaps, so I should know :D

Cez said...

I still think it was an odd question. Yeah, maybe it was Matrix imagery going on in their minds. Who knows?