December 19, 2007


Seven airport codes that kept me busy practically the whole day. Finding last-minute fares is really tedious work.

Priceline. Hotwire. Expedia. CheapTickets. Orbitz. Travelocity. Kayak. Sidestep. Qixo. JetBlue. United. American Airlines. Delta. Continental. Virgin America. Southwest.

Sites I used to find our flight to California.

I found a Hotwire Limited Airfare of $514. No idea what airline, plus one stop. Priceline had a pretty good offer - $565 including car rental (convertible). Everything else was $615 (United, JetBlue and Delta). CheapTickets showed an airfare of $613, but I couldn't find it.

We're more inclined to go with JetBlue, but it's still pricey. Add to that Zack's round-trip fare of $150, plus the cost of his carrier ($60 if we buy from the JetBlue counter at the airport).

I also called up Southwest Airlines. The agent kindly suggested that we try to fly out of BDL on the 21st, then arrive at the San Jose airport. For the 28th, we'd have to fly out of the Oakland airport arriving in Hartford to cut costs. Total? $1119. However, we'd have to leave on the 21st. I put it on hold in the meantime.