December 22, 2007

Waiting at Bradley International Airport

Our flight should've left by now. It was scheduled to leave at 7:26pm, but the plane we're supposed to be on, which was coming from Washington, D.C., left D.C. about 15 minutes ago. Our boarding time is now 8:55pm. Even our connecting flight is supposed to be delayed.

What's even more fun is we only ate breakfast today because we finished packing late. By the time we realized we haven't eaten lunch, we were well on our way to the airport. We thought we'd be able to eat here at the airport. No go. Every eating place we passed by are closed already. We had to make do with Dunkin Donuts donuts. Blecch. Granted, donuts can be fun to eat, but not when you haven't eaten anything else. Eating something sweet is just yuck. But we ate anyway. Even had Mountain Dew. Endless sweetness. I brought Chippy, but it's in our luggage. Smart eh? We could've had something sweet AND salty. Not exactly a balanced meal. :)

I'm surprisingly chipper, considering the turn of events. Can't really grumble because there's nothing anyone can do about it. Been greeting airport workers "happy holidays". They've been responding in kind, smiling, greeting me in return. I'm trying to be a good will ambassador of sorts. It must suck big time to be at work when you'd really rather be doing last-minute Christmas shopping.

By the way, Bradley International Airport is so cool. Parking for a week in the COVERED garage is $69. It's an easy walk to the terminal. Check-in was easy peasy, not a long line at all. Even the security checkpoint was not annoying. It was only me and my husband. We took our own sweet time in getting our stuff back in order. Now we're waiting for our flight and I'm actually blogging, apart from chatting with my sister Lani. I found an internet connection!

I'll blog again either when we're in DC or in CA already. In the meantime, take care everyone!
Saturday, December 22, 2007Cecilia1 comment


Lene said...

Enjoy your holiday, Cez. Merry Christmas!

It feels good to remember how I've started greeting you last year.

I just want you to know that you're appreciated.