December 5, 2007

How I plan to celebrate an eco-friendly holiday

Sitting at home tonight made me wonder what eco-friendly ways I can do to celebrate the holidays. Here's what I came up with:

#1: Stop sending holiday cards. Oh ok, maybe I will send some to the Philippines, but we're definitely trimming the holiday card list to reduce environmental waste. Those with e-mail addresses will get e-cards. Yeah, you're all forewarned.

#2: Stop buying gifts for everybody. I tend to buy gifts for a lot of people. I like wrapping things up and putting them under the Christmas tree. It's just so festive. However, I realize that for the people I give generic gifts to (e.g., candles, body lotion, fleece blankets, scarves, etc.), it probably means I can do without giving them gifts. Not if I can't be imaginative enough to think of a good gift...or at least to consider what they want.

#3: One gift per person. I confess, when it comes to my loved ones, I frequently end up giving more than one gift. Not this year. I can push this rule some more and make it "give gifts only to those people you see". That ought to trim down our Christmas gift list immensely. Maybe.

#4: No Christmas tree. What? Oh no! It cannot be! One of the things I enjoy about Christmas is choosing the tree and decorating it. I've already decided (and told my husband about it...ho ho) that there IS a solution to my Christmas tree dilemma (as I blogged about here) - that is, we will buy our fresh Christmas tree from a nearby Christmas tree farm.

#5: Reuse previous years' decorations. Duly noted.

#6: If necessary, buy decorations from Goodwill, tag sales, flea markets, etc. Sounds like a plan.

#7: Send e-vites. In case I feel like playing the hostess with the mostest. Just in case.

#8: Re-gift. I know, I know, some people think it's sooo cheap and uncool to re-gift. But sometimes, I do get gifts that I don't really have any use for, which I don't use but I know would be perfect for someone else. Why not? Better than having the items sit at home, gathering dust. One person's trash, another person's treasure.

#9: Do not buy new outfits for holiday parties. Darn it! But ok, ok.

#10: If we feel like it, have holiday slumber parties. Last year, my mom, sisters and my husband ended up having a slumber New Year's Eve party. Not only were we comfortable, once it struck midnight, we ate the food I cooked then headed straight to bed. Not a bad way to start the year.