December 22, 2007

What a Friday!

Instead of saying "thank God it's Friday", I was swamped, literally inundated with work from the moment I entered the office until now (yep, it's already early Saturday). I just finished logging off after remotely accessing my work computer. I want to get things done before leaving. That way, if I have to do some work while in California, at least it's not work that I left behind, but something totally new.

People also dropped by my office before leaving the office yesterday. Practically everyone were wishing me a good holiday, even telling me that they're praying for my father-in-law. Rather nice of them. These little gestures make me believe that all is not lost with people. It's just those darn small stuff that drives them bonkers.

By the way, happy birthday to my sister Lynn! Cheers! Here's wishing you more of what you wish for, dream of and have.

Oh boy, I haven't even packed my stuff yet, so maybe I should go and do that now.