January 15, 2008

Mystery of the Stinky Ladies' Room

Accused: Zack

Accuser: "Cow" (name protected for privacy reasons)

Crime: stinking up the ladies' room with crap

Accuser claims the Accused was seen Friday evening by the elevator lobby. When Accuser asked Accused's parents if they were taking the elevator, they said no. Accuser claims the parents brought the Accused to the ladies' room to do his business (presumably, #2) after she left. The results of Accused's supposed "activities" brought much stink to the ladies' room that supposedly lasted till yesterday, Monday.

Defense of the Accused: Accused did not go to work last Friday. Furthermore, his "mom" left work early to catch the 1pm train. She was seen leaving the office before 1pm by three officemates. Subsequent testimonies from users of the ladies' room this weekend stated that the room was clean as always. No stink lasting the whole weekend.

Motive of the Accuser: Who the heck knows?


Lani said...

Sucks to be surrounded by idiots in the work place. wonder what she has against poor innocent little Zackie!

Lani said...

Would be nice to tell her "if you smelt it, you dealt it". Zack was framed!

Cez said...

Since I've been ignoring her and her attention-getting antics PLUS I answered back at her when she was being a bully, I think she thought targeting Zack would elicit a response from me. It did. I was furious because it was a lie and unfair. But her tactic backfired because the others didn't believe Zack would do something like that. Unbelievable how people spoke in defense of Zack.