January 20, 2008

Part of her world for one night

We watched "The Little Mermaid" on Broadway last night.

I didn't read any reviews before watching the show because I wanted to develop my own reaction to it. That way, no one can influence what I think.

So what did I like about the show?

Overall, it was a fun show that's really meant for kids. Smart idea that since Ariel couldn't speak after her agreement with Ursula, they used dancing to let her "speak". But my oh my, for someone who just acquired legs, that mermaid sure can dance.

I really looked forward to hearing "Part of Your World". But a part of me was afraid that Sierra Boggess wouldn't give justice to the song. I felt THAT song would make or break the whole show for me. Thankfully, she sang it so beautifully. For that alone, I was happy with the show.

What else? Sherie Rene Scott's voice really bowls me over. I liked her as Amneris in "Aida" before. I still like her here, although I wish she had more songs. Then again, the show IS about a little mermaid, not about Ursula.

Just a bit of history: the movie was shown in 1989 when I was 15. Ariel was 16. Headstrong teenager? A tune I was all too familiar with. Watching the Broadway musical makes me want to watch the Disney movie all over again.

It brought me back to a time so long ago. What a nice way to spend one evening being part of Ariel's world again.