January 30, 2008

She's 15

I can't believe you're now 15. Happy birthday!

What do I remember most about you? A lot, really. I remember taking care of the baby that you were, then the little girl. Who can forget you yelling "buffet! buffet" while throwing your "bouquet" in the air? I also remember you saying how you want to be an adult because we adults can do what we want. Do you still think that?

There is so much to look forward to. Where do I even begin? You will experience things. It's your turn now to make memories. We can only smile and watch you as you go about your life.

Don't rush. Enjoy being young. Always see the fun in things. Some days, it might be difficult, but it will keep you going. Take each day as it comes. Sing when you want to. Dance when you feel like it. March to the beat of your drum. Learn to live your own life.

I wish all that and more for you on your special day.


... Paige said...

Happy belated birthday with many more

Lene said...

How fast time flies no? :p I'm so late anyhow, I want to greet your niece a belated 'happy birthday'. Here's to more fun being a 'teen'!:p