January 27, 2008

So much for doing nothing

I spent the whole day doing nothing. I was supposed to do my laundry. Done? Nope. We cooked food for the whole week, which didn't really take too long, so it still falls under my idea of doing nothing. We watched Comedy Central the whole afternoon. I'm still watching Dane Cook's Vicious Circle, this time it's the encore.

Around 10p.m., I realized that there's a letter I'm supposed to write and send out, plus a form that needs to be completed and sent out before the month ends. So suddenly, I found myself busy just when I'm supposed to be relaxing for the coming work week. As of this writing, I'm almost done (just needs printing), but I still think it was utterly silly.


... Paige said...

I'm sorry is there something wrong with-nothing or the doing of it?

Lynn said...

It's more like she was happy that she was doing nothing, then it turned out that she still had some extra things to take care of.

Cez said...

yeah, that's it. a nuisance to realize there were things to be done when all I wanted to do was, well, nothing. :)