January 13, 2008

Watch what you put in your mouth

Meat-eaters out there, raise your hands! I want to see how many you are.

A-ha! I guessed as much.

Living in a meat-oriented society, we all know the appeal and temptation of that mouth-watering steak, that juicy piece of chicken and even those tender pork chops.

Here's a video of PETA's "Meet Your Meat". You can also find it here via PETA TV.

A friend of mine sent me that link. Goodness, it was painful to watch. I couldn't help but cringe and look away, yet I knew that I should watch it. Looking away wouldn't really make the whole sordid thing go away. It'll make you think twice, even thrice about supporting the meat industry.

When my husband and I went out for breakfast today, we weren't sure what we could order. The menu was chock-full of meats. There was a smattering of oatmeal, cereal, bagel, danish and muffins. He ended up ordering one stack of pancake, while I had one Belgian waffle with bananas. Did we finish our meal? No. We couldn't even eat. I felt really queasy just looking around the restaurant and seeing plates laden with bacon, ham, sausage and omelettes. Images from the video flashed in my mind. Will we pledge to be veg in 30 days? We're thinking about it.

An officemate also sent me an e-mail with a link to PETA's "A Shocking Look Inside Chinese Fur Farms" (you can also view it via PETA TV). Yet another video showing human cruelty and inhumanity.

I believe there's really no better way to present these issues than to actually show what's going on.

A warning to the squeamish and faint of heart: both videos will really nauseate you. Brace yourself.