February 6, 2008

An exercise in self-awareness

I listed 10 questions that's been plaguing me for quite sometime, which I will now share here. I don't intend to have the answers all in one day. But I'm definitely putting these questions out there. Maybe you'll find it helpful too.

Feel free to answer these questions in your respective blogs if you feel like it. Just let me know or at least acknowledge where the questions came from. That's the least I ask. So here goes:

1. Why am I doing what I'm doing? I'm not referring to work, but also your day-to-day routine, etc.

2. What's my ideal life?

3. What am I most thankful for today?

4. Do I know the difference between what is an emergency and what isn't?

5. Do I have unrealistic expectations of other people that sets me up for disappointment?

6. How much influence do other people REALLY exert on me - my choices, decisions, actions, etc.?

7. Do I know what is right for me, even and especially if it's contrary to popular opinion?

8. Do I really "choose my battles wisely"? Or have I just reached that age when battles are not even worth getting into as it's not an efficient use of my time?

9. If my younger self would meet my current self, what would my younger self say?

10. What kind of person have I become through the years?