February 23, 2008

My turn soon...I hope!

An officemate moved to a different part of the US. Another one quit last month. A third one is moving to our office's branch elsewhere.

These are three of my "posse" at work. Not as close to me as my friends from way back when, but close enough. We're each other's shock absorbers. Now I'll be the only one left behind. It's sad, but I know that's part of life. People come and go. Some are only as good as the season. Others drag on for too long. In any case, while they are all moving on, I'm still where I am. But I'm hopeful.

Soon it will be my turn.
Saturday, February 23, 2008Cecilia1 comment


Lene said...

I experienced that too in my previous company. After a series of 'goodbyes' and being the only one left, I had my turn to go.

It pays to be patient. :)