February 18, 2008

What a weekend!

Presidents Day long weekend came and went. Did we get enough sleep? No. Any chance to relax? No. Did we go anywhere? No.

We ended up painting our dining room. Woo hoo!

Thoughts of going somewhere usually pop up in my head a day or two before a long weekend. But this time, I thought that instead of going somewhere, spending money on the hotel, food, gas, tolls, etc., I'd rather see that money spent in fixing up our home. Or at least one room. So even if we didn't get enough sleep and relaxation, I'm still a happy camper. My husband is, as can be expected, more worn-out by the process than me. I did paint, but he really did most of the work. I kept him well-fed and gave him breaks every two hours. I also cleaned up the paint tools. He did such a fantastic paint job, I'm so proud of him! *claps happily* Lesson learned? Good quality paint really makes a difference.

Of course, we still had to contend with Zack's eye problem. We went back to the vet this afternoon. He was originally prescribed eye drops, an eye ointment plus aspirin. Now he's got two eye ointments plus aspirin. The corneal ulcer is still lurking, so off to the vet again this coming Saturday. I hope it goes away already. *crosses my fingers*


... Paige said...

no long weekend for us. went looking / shopping for our new addition (being built) it was fun but next weekend we paint if the sun shines.

Lene said...

How about some pictures? :p
Hope ZACK will be relieved of his eye problem soon.

Cez said...

Paige, so it wasn't just us who had no long weekend. Good luck with the weather next weekend!

Cez said...

Lene, no pictures yet. Once we've fixed it up, I'll definitely post it here. Thanks for the message about Zack.