February 10, 2008

"Xanadu" on Broadway - dare to go and see it

From a movie that was much maligned during its time and the years to follow comes a Broadway musical that is now much praised and commended.

My husband and I watched "Xanadu" on Broadway yesterday - our early Valentine date.

Just a little flashback: I learned how to roller skate back in 1980, the year when the movie was released. I was 6 years old. The best that I can remember about the movie was the rollerskating, the mural and the theme song "Xanadu". My sister Lani shared the "Xanadu" musical bug last Sunday. My husband bought our tickets online on Friday afternoon. The next day, we were on our way to NYC to watch the show. After the show, I ended up with the soundtrack, plus two glow sticks.

My review: "Xanadu" was definitely a fun show to watch. Who can resist such songs as "Suddenly", "Magic" and of course, "Xanadu"? Of course, now I like "I'm Alive", "Suspended In Time" and "The Fall".

Sonny & Kira

With a hilarious and witty script that pokes fun at itself, it invites you to do the same thing. Like it won't take offense because it KNOWS its position in pop culture. While watching the show, it seems to wink at you - like there's a conspiracy - and you're part of the big secret. It succeeds in endearing itself to me that way - a self-assurance that knows what it is, is proud of what it is and dares you to think or say otherwise. It's amazing to see the power of remaking and recreating. In the '80s, "Xanadu" couldn't find its niche in pop culture's good movies. Now, it succeeded in finding its place on Broadway. Perhaps it was too advanced for its time?

People took it seriously as a movie and found it a joke.
People took it as a joke of a Broadway show and found it surprisingly good.

"Xanadu" dares to go where nobody dared to go, after all.

Kerry Butler portrayed Clio/Kira.


Lani said...

nice review! Puts Stagenotes to shame :)

Cez said...

Thanks for the compliment. I actually thought of volunteering as a guest contributor to Stage Notes just for that post, but since that will probably be the extent of my contribution, I thought otherwise. Puts Stage Notes to shame? I don't think so!