March 22, 2008

What I remember about Holy Week in the Philippines

My sister Lani was right, our mom was adamant about quietly observing Holy Week. Her post about Holy Week made me reminisce. What do I remember?

I have vivid memories of spending Holy Week in our house in Baguio. Back then, it was easier to get into the Holy Week vibe in Baguio than Manila. Radio and tv were no temptations as reception was rather poor. I'd be outside our house sitting on a patio chair while reading BIBLE STORIES FOR CHILDREN on a Good Friday. I tell you, the illustrations in that book is enough to scare the heck out of me as a kid. John the Baptist's head on a platter ain't a pretty picture, but it was there. Of course, the book did make for good reading. Just too graphic for a children's book. *shudders* It was also a no-meat week, which was difficult at that time. I wasn't into fish and veggies then.

An interesting superstition on Good Fridays was taking a bath before 3pm. As Jesus died at 3pm, the water turns to blood after that. Oh, and no running around lest you get a scrape. It'll take time to heal!

Stations of the Cross was something we did too. One time, we spent Holy Week in Manila and did the Stations of the Cross one station per church. With so many churches around, it was easy to do. What was tricky was doing the Stations of the Cross one station per church outside of Manila. Our mom had the idea of doing that, successfully I might add.

I miss those good ol' days when Holy Week was observed religiously. Moving here changed Holy Week for us. I spent part of Good Friday at work.