April 16, 2008

Of change and scare tactics

Officemates with kids are constantly scaring me how things will change if and when I have a baby. I wonder why people do this unending effort to scare someone. I mean, when I was younger, it was "things will be different when you have a boyfriend/a steady boyfriend/a job/a different job/get engaged/get married/been married for a long time."

No wonder most people fear change! The never ending barrage of scary tactics is enough to make one just HIDE from people.

I think the best way to deal is simply to think and act like a baby/kid, even a dog. You don't hear a baby tell another baby, "oh things will be different when you start crawling/taking your first step/growing your first tooth/getting potty-trained". They just do things. Without being scared. Different just always sounds scary and frightening.

What can we all do? Go out there and stop being afraid. Sure, it'll be different, but chances are, it'll not be that scary.


Meikah said...

Just do it Cez ~ take the plunge! :-D