April 11, 2008

Oh well

People I know back home who I e-mailed about what happened are surprisingly cavalier about it. I can't even say, "fires don't happen everyday!" because in my country, it seems to be the case (as based on my earlier post).

I have yet to hear from friends who I thought would be the first to respond to my plea for help. The plea for help wasn't even for money. My family needs help in cleaning up, so I asked if anyone can refer clean-up services. If they wanted to help in the clean-up, that would be fantastic but honestly, not something I'd expect from them. That seems too much to ask for.

It's disappointing. Especially those people who, when they have problems, I drop everything to help. But I suppose that's normal, right? You do it for others, but it doesn't mean you'll get it back. It's the silence that makes it worse. Like my e-mail was snubbed. Oh well.

I'm trying to focus on those people who DID reach out after reading my e-mail. All seventeen of them. Not bad, really. Even my faith in human nature was restored somewhat when I heard that someone left a bag of groceries for our household help without identifying themselves. An officemate here in the US asked if they can send a care package. I didn't say yes because it will take forever to reach the Philippines, but just the fact that she asked, well, I really appreciate it.

Update: Instead of "All seventeen of them", it's now eighteen.

Update 2: It's now twenty-one.