April 7, 2008

Thank goodness, they're here

Received news that our place in the Philippines was affected by a fire that started in one of our neighbors' places. My parents and sister are, of course, in a state of agitation. Now they want to go back home as soon as possible. I can't blame them. Our house help aren't reporting clearly what happened, but that's to be expected. It just happened.

Nevertheless, I'm exceedingly grateful that the three of them are here in the US right now. Usually, my sister Lynn gets left behind to manage the household. She said that since she stays up late, she would've been able to sound the alarm. But I pointed out that she wouldn't be facing in the direction of the fire. Her back would be turned against it. Her room was supposedly partly hit too.

Talks of downsizing to a smaller house, preferably a condo, has been ongoing. But our dad's been against it. He seems so attached to the house. I told our mom and my sister that houses age too.

Perhaps this is a sign. Time to move out and move on. Sometimes life has a way of presenting opportunities in the form of the so-called "blessing in disguise". But really, there's no way of knowing, isn't it? Not until later comes along.


Leo said...

Thank goodness no one got hurt.

Incidents of fires have been on the rise lately in the metro. It's that time of the year.

It would be hard to let go of such a nice house, especially one that holds a lot of memories (kahit sa mga makukulit na groupmates na kagaya ko hehe).


Cez said...

We have all yet to determine the extent of the damage. Nevertheless, I'm glad to hear you also have nice memories of our house. I know I surely do.