May 4, 2008

"Iron Man"

We watched "Iron Man" this afternoon and boy, was I entertained.

Let me preface this post with the following: (1) I wouldn't know who Iron Man was to save my life; and (2) I like Robert Downey, Jr. but waaay before his drug problems.

Now, the superhero movie minus the typical superhero angst. Well, let me say, he DID have angst, but not as badly as, say, Spiderman or Batman, even the most current Superman. I had fun watching him create his costume and my goodness! His lovely gadget-filled home! I want one like that!

My husband pointed out that the good thing with the movie is that it was actor/actress- and character-driven. A good observation, really. I tend to yawn or get sleepy when there are far too many special effects going on. The fact that I finished the movie is saying something.

Anyway, here's a cute picture I got from TJ of a really tiny Iron Man fan. Enjoy!


Perfectwound said...

I find it's a great show too. But did you still after the credits?? Samuel Jackson makes a cameo appearance as Nick Fury~!! Way cooooool~!!

Cez said...

Yeah, we waited till the end of the credits. Of course my husband had to explain it to me...haha! I didn't know who Nick Fury was. :D

Lene said...

I'm really curious to see how Downey has changed long after 'Only YOU' with Marisa Tomei. Hopefully, I'll have the time to watch 'Iron Man'.

Leo said...

I never expected Samuel Jackson to be Nick Fury, but neither did I for Downey as Stark.

But the movie was great, and I'm sure the sequel would be too.

I'm getting frustrated with the number of people I know who didn't stay on till the end of the credits. I guess that end scene was unexpected too, at least for moviegoers. Nagmamadali lagi lumabas. ^^

Cez said...

Lene, make time to watch "Iron Man". It's really a good break from everything else. Fun movie to watch!

Leo, I do hope the sequel in the future will be better. Somehow, sequels end up worse most of the time. It's rare for sequels to be better.