May 21, 2008

More surgery updates

My sister Lani's surgery was done yesterday morning. The entire procedure took 5 hours, including prep, that started at 7:30am. She was the first scheduled procedure for the day. We were all with her from 5:30am until it was time to get ready for the operation.

After the operation, we saw her for 15 minutes at 3pm. She was awake and talking, but with a headache, which the doctor said was to be expected. We saw her yet again at 6pm, this time for 30 minutes (they didn't notice we were hanging out longer than allowed). Her head's covered up. Her bed's inclined at 30 degrees. Her eyes are "chinita" right now. She was thirsty and starving, but not allowed to eat yet. She'll be given food early tomorrow.

I'm not sure if they're moving her tomorrow either to the ICU, another area of the recovery unit, or to her regular room. Totally up to them. All we can do is wait and go where we're told.

Thank you so much for all your prayers. We really appreciate it.

Now we're praying for her smooth recovery.


Meikah said...

My prayers are with you all, Ces. Glad to know the surgery went well. You take care! :)